Lemon Pledge and the Prophetic Ministry


I had a meeting with my prophetic team. We have "family gatherings" to hang out, talk a little shop, etc. these conversations always inspire me. I love these peeps.

Afterward I was chatting with my assistant and I remembered Lemon Pledge.

My mom always used to use Lemon Pledge on all her wood furniture, and we had a lot of wood.

I always wondered why she chose that. After all, she could have chosen anything.

I learned a lesson the hard way once when I left a bag of cleaners on our wood dining room table and the Windex leaked over night and burned that wood table.

The harsh nature of things can overshoot their purpose of cleaning and destroy beauty rather than enhance it.

Now that I am older I realize that particular product, Lemon Pledge not only brings a fragrance into the room but it protects, preserves and reveals the beauty of the wood.

Isn't that what prophetic ministry should look like considering the finished work of Jesus and his goodness intended for the whole world?

My mom didn't use the Lemon Pledge because she was focused on removing dirt, grease and sticky spots.

My mom used Lemon pledge because she was focused on preserving her investment, revealing the original beauty and bringing a beautiful fragrance into the atmosphere.

Her focus was often restoration where damage had occurred and bringing to life again what was once perfection in the eyes of the craftsman.

Shouldn't modern day ministry reflect that heart of nurturing, goodness and preservation?


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New Industries and Ages


I had a brainstorm session with an entrepreneur.

I don't think we are transforming an existing industry.

I believe we are creating a new industry and ushering in a new age.

There was a Stone Age.

An Ice Age

An Agricultural Age

An Industrial Age

A Technological Age

An Information Age

I believe we are, even now, moving beyond the Technological Age, and through the Information Age.

I believe every age has had its time and when they were in that time, there was an assumption that it would be THE AGE.


Whatever age we are in, eternity is still at our feet and waiting for us.

You are a spirit with a body. You will be a spirit whatever age you are and whichever age you live in.

Be present.


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