Boy Gains Freedom by Coloring


"I see El Diablo (the devil) sometimes. He comes to our house. He brings Batman, Superman and the Joker to my house." the 4-year old boy told me right away.

His young parents brought him to me for prayer stating that he sees the devil and it scares him. They weren't sure what was wrong with their son and why these strange things were happening in their home. I asked them a few questions and began speaking with the boy.

My assistant and I had given him some crayons while we sat with him his parents listening to their story. We told him he could make anything he wanted if he felt like making something.

"When does he come?" I asked him.

"He comes when my mommy and daddy are yelling at each other or when they turn on the TV with bad shows on."

"What do you do when they come?"

"I hide because the Joker is really bad, so is the Batman and the mean Superman. El Diablo doesn't like us." He continued on as he was drawing on four separate pieces of paper at a time.

"Do you know who Jesus is?"

"Yes. I know him and Papa Dios (Father God) too. I learned about them in my class." as he continued to draw a rectangle on each paper.

"Do you know that Jesus' name is the most important name in the world? It's a bigger name than the Joker, the Batman, the mean Superman names? Do you know if you tell them to leave your house they will go? You can just say go in Jesus' name and they have to leave you alone."

"Can I tell the bad guys not to come back and Jesus said so?" he asked with a curious and happy expression.

"Yes you can. Your words are important. You are the boss of the bad guys." I replied amazed at his understanding for a four year old.

As he continued coloring, I spoke with the parents while he continued to draw a small circle on each rectangle.

His parents began to ask me about the boy and why he was seeing these things. I explained to them that their son was able to see and recognize things that were happening in the realm of the spirit and was very sensitive to his surroundings. "As long as he is able to discern Papa Dios and Jesus and call on them, he will be just fine. Listen to your son. He is very discerning and gifted. You can cultivate his calling and his anointing if you pay attention to what he is communicating. If you need help, let me know. Tell me again, when did this start?"

Just then the boy began to tremble as if he was cold. The mother asked him if he was cold and he said yes. She reached into his bag and pulled out this cape, complete with a hood with Batman ears on the top and superheroes and villains on it, including the Joker and Superman. I've never seen anything like it. My assistant and I made eye contact. We both could feel the vibes off of that cape.

"The visitations started around his 4th birthday a few months ago" His mother said.

I wasn't sure exactly how to ask this but I did. "So, can I ask where he got that cape?"

"Oh that was a birthday present from my husbands parents. My mother-in-law made it specially for him."

"What is your relationship like with them?"

"Not very good. He is a practicing warlock and she practices witchcraft also. We are believers and don't want anything to do with that..." stating matter of fact like as her eyes began to widen and nearly pop out of her head. "Oh my, it's the cape, I have to get rid of that cape!" she realized in that minute there was an issue with that cape.

Just then the boy took off the cape and began to color on his pages some more.

"Tell me about your coloring. Describe it all to me."

Grinning he said. "The pages have a door on them and then this one is the Batman, this one is the Superman, this one is the Joker and this one is El Diablo. The doors have doorknobs. Papa Dios just came and he helped me draw locks on all the doors because I said Jesus' name and Papa Dios locked them out." The boy stated proudly.

The parents were amazed and so was I. I am always amazed at how God can encounter us and lead us in ways that don't always make sense. The boy was led by the instructions of his Heavenly Father and found deliverance through a childlike activity known as coloring.


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