Feeling Stuck and Ya'but Syndrome


If you are feeling stuck,

You may have Ya'but Syndrome.

How do you know when you have Ya'but Syndrome?

Whenever possibility is presented there is always a reason why it's impossible for you.
It's thinking from insecurity.


Opportunities are for OTHER people . . . "They're more qualified" "They're more gifted" "They're more fortunate"
It's thinking from jealousy.


"I CAN"T or I COULD NEVER because . . ."
It's thinking from negativity.


"I DON'T have . . ."
It's thinking from lack.


      5. "Nothing goes right for me, everyone is against me . . ."
           It's thinking from victimhood.


It's the excuse that comes up when moving forward is presented and the first gut response and often verbal response to follow is "yeah, BUT (fill in the blank).

It's called self-sabotage.

And that is a FIXABLE PROBLEM!

Connect to your Maker and discover the strength to be unstuck.


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