Repair Man Healed


An appliance repairman came over to fix my dishwasher. He was from Czechoslovakia and spoke English, but it was broken English.

He was showing me something with the appliance and I noticed him doing a strange motion with his shoulder. I asked him if it hurt and he said he hurt it while arm wrestling with a friend.

I told him that I could take his pain away. He looked at me puzzled. I told him that I know Jesus and Jesus can remove pain. I asked him if I could touch his shoulder and he said ok. I touched his shoulder and as lifted my hand off as I said, "I remove pain". The man's eyes got big and he said, "it go!" in his sweet Czech accent, as he rotated his shoulder.

He then said there was a little pain left, so I repeated what I did before and more pain left him. We laughed and I told him, "you healed my dishwasher with tools and I healed your shoulder with Jesus."

It was a good day.


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